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If I were silent, the stones would cry out, A Comic by Lu Zwanziger (they/them)

We are currently highlighting some of the amazing content published in past issues of ENBY Magazine!

If I were silent, the stones would cry out is a comic made by Lu Zwanziger (they/them) for ENBY Magazine Issue #3: Expression, which was our arts-based issue. We felt like this comic wasn’t done enough justice in greyscale, so it’s here in colour!

Lu is a comics artist and illustrator based out of Denmark, originally from Brazil. They are interested in journalism, politics, board games, gender, opera, late night parties, inconvenincing the powerful, and loving their friends. You can find more of their work at luzwanziger.com, or on Twitter @captoring.

For a detailed text-only description of the comic, please click here.

Leif Gifford