ENBY Magazine


Frequently Asked Questions


About us

ENBY Magazine is a print magazine that is published every 4 months of the year (tri-annually). It is also available to view for free online via Issuu. We ask that before people submit their work, that they read (or at least skim) all our issues online first.

Who can submit?

Anybody who is non-binary or does not subscribe to the Western binary model at an identity level. We leave that to your discretion to decide, but we do not have our submissions open to gender non-conforming or trans people as a whole (unless they are also non-binary).

Yes we are!

Are you open for international submissions?

We accept all mediums of art, writing, poetry, short stories, prose, photography, and comics at this time. Please note that most submissions will be printed in greyscale (unless we say otherwise).

What can I submit to ENBY Magazine?

We also accept previously published work, so long as the publication(s) are okay with your work also being included in ENBY Magazine. We recommend that you check-in with them if you’re not sure, before submitting the piece(s) to us.

Do you accept previously-published work?

  • Racist, sexist, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic work, or using our platform to promote hatred or discrimination of any group. We are a left-leaning publication, so please keep others’ humanity in mind when submitting.

  • Short stories longer than 2,000 words. If you’re looking to submit a short story longer than this, we can print an excerpt, just let us know you’re okay with that ahead of time.

  • Erotica or NSFW content. Anything explicitly sexual with detailed accounts is something we generally do not publish but can make exceptions. If you want to write about your experiences in sex work, that’s more than fine, but straight-up erotica is not something we’re looking for at this time.

  • Personal essays (and poetry) about discovering one’s non-binary identity, from the most privileged groups of non-binary people. We are committed to an intersectional approach which does not include giving even more platforms to some while casting a shadow over others. Please think about why your particular story, voice, and perspective is important before submitting to ENBY.
    (Instead of a personal essay or poem, you could use your privilege to boost others in the community through an interview or artist feature.)

  • Gender 101 guide-style articles/comics. We are a community magazine, meaning that we are not adding to the content put out by sources such as the Transgender Language Primer or Nonbinary Wiki.

Some things to NOT submit to ENBY Magazine:

You can submit via email to leif [at] boundlessmedia.co (.co, not .com). Please read (or at least skim) all of our online issues here before submitting.

  • Writing - submit writing via a editable text file (.rtf, .doc, .docx) or by sharing the link to a editable Google Docs file in the body of the email.

  • Art - send as high quality of an image as you can - .png preferred, but we will accept any format.

  • Pitches - if you are intending to create something new for ENBY, you will need to email with a pitch first and have it approved since we do not pay for unaccepted work.

How can I submit to ENBY Magazine?

Yes, and no. If we see something we like, we might keep it for later, but we only accept work for an issue if it meets our theme. If you pitch for one issue, you will have to pitch again and modify it towards the next theme.

Don’t self-reject! Send us a pitch or submission!

Do you have specific submission periods?