ENBY Magazine

The Issues

The Issues

Our issues are the heart of the magazine. Issues are published tri-annually (so, every 4 months) and follow a loose theme. Browse our issues below, and as always, they are free to read online at Issuu or to purchase on our online store in print.

ENBY Issue #4 Front Cover PROOF-1.jpg

Issue #4: Journeys

With a somewhat abstract approach to the theme, Journeys was an open forum for contributors to speak to their personal journeys or ones happening around them. The issue discusses language, fantastical settings, too-truthful fiction, and awesome cover art, courtesy of Angela Cameron. This issue further establishes that ENBY is by us, and for us all the way.


Issue #3: Expressions

Inspired by creative movements from the world over, cover artist (and our Editor-in-Chief) Leif Gifford conceived of a cover bursting with life and shapes! This issue was ENBY’s first arts-based issue and is filled to the brim with visual art, creative writing, poetry, and is the first issue to feature reviews. It’ll make you laugh and fall in love with our amazingly diverse and talented creative community.

Issue #2 cover-1.jpg

Issue #2: Our Identities, Ourselves

We are non-binary! We are here! We exist! We deserve to be listened to! This is what Issue #2 is all about: and with a fabulous cover by Dylyn Reid-Davies, this issue sets out to deliver. It features paintings, a comic, a roundtable discussion, and is so full we even had to print an article on the inside back cover. This issue intends to showcase the many, many intersections of our vibrant community.




This issue that started it all. Fun fact: ENBY Magazine actually began as a Canada-only publication before expanding to international submissions, while still mainly distributed across North America. UNDERGROUND was forged at a time where non-binary representation was sparse, particularly by those living in Canada. It showcased work about Two-Spirit identity, geography and its impact on life experiences, visual art, and more. Cover art by a longtime friend of the mag, Jeffery Kingsley.